• Michelle Mackay

Who is in your Campaign Team?

Political opinions aside and despite Trump’s protestations, Joe Biden has landed himself a plum new job that starts in January. With so many cutbacks and redundancies happening right now, I’m sure many of you would like to be in the same position. Although maybe not in the role of President of the United Sates of America.

Did Joe get that job on his own?

Of course he didn’t. He had a campaign team behind him every step of the way. They gave him the data he needed, prepped him for interviews, critiqued his speeches and helped him play to his strengths.

His campaign team made sure he was the best candidate he could be, then it was down to the “interview panel” to decide who got the job.

Okay, your interview panel isn’t going to be made up of 150 million eligible voters, but the panel you do end up in front of will make a decision as to whether you get the job based solely on the performance you give them.

So, are you doing everything you possibly can to make sure you give your best performance on the day?

Who is on your job-hunting campaign team? Oh your Mum is. That’s lovely. Yes she will always think you’re the best candidate for the job, but unfortunately she doesn’t have a casting vote and she may not be completely honest about which areas you could improve. Keep her on your team though, she’s great for a confidence boost!

There’s too much competition these days to blag your way through an interview, some people may be lucky enough to get away with that approach, but do you want to leave it down to luck?

If you’re serious about getting that new role and/or have been out of the job market for some time and find the whole thing scary and intimidating, then bolster your job-hunting campaign with a personal Career Coach. I have never been successful in a job interview without the help of someone coaching me through the preparation stages.

Recruitment is a process and if you find the right Career Coach they will know the steps of that process inside out. With skilful exploration, they will help you answer the big questions like "What are my transferable skills?", "Which achievements should I be showcasing?" and the biggie, "Is this the right role for me?”.

Equally as important, they can help you overcome any nerves, build your confidence and help with all the practical steps like matching your CV to the job ad, building your set of examples to draw upon in the interview and practicing your interview and presentation delivery.

There are lots of Career Coaches out there and you really must find the right one for you. They generally offer the chance to chat through which areas you feel you need some help with before you start working together and during that conversation you'll get a feel for whether they're the right person to be on your campaign team.

I love helping people with these practical steps towards achieving their career goals - you get to see results in such a short space of time and it's very rewarding for me to watch a client's confidence grow through the work we do together.

When you do start working with your Career Coach, it will give your job hunting a new lease of life and a great big confidence boost. So what are you waiting for, do everything you can to master the recruitment process and get me on your campaign team today. I'll bring the cheerleading pom-poms.

okay - no pom-poms.

Good Luck with your job hunting and stay safe.


Michelle Mackay is a Career Coach with over a decade of experience in recruiting and helping people successfully get that dream job.