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Would You Like to Feel Happier at Work?

Time will pass. Stuff will happen by default. Or you can create the outcomes you want.

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Embrace Change 

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Get Unstuck

Want that amazing new job? Chasing that promotion? Got an idea for a new business?

When you want to get somewhere new, Professional Development Coaching can help you take the next step.

Moving forward starts with identifying your goal and establishing the small steps that put you on the right path. Together we’ll make sure you’re heading in the right direction and have the strategies you need to get there.

Change happens all the time, Coaching can help you make the most of it.
Maybe you know you need to make a change like move to a new company or maybe you’ve had change forced upon you like redundancy or a different role. A transition in life can be exciting, but feeling uncertain about the future can cause anxiousness and worry. Learn strategies to
manage your reaction to change, take control and seize the opportunities it

Do you feel overwhelmed, stuck, are you going round in circles?  Whether it’s the pressures of work or life in general that is causing you to feel overwhelmed, coaching can help you recognise the obstacles that might be holding you back and establish options for getting what you want. Unlock the skills you already have to enable you to get the most out of life.


Happy Clients

As a coach, I’m passionate about helping others. I work hard on developing a personal, open and transparent relationship with my clients, and what they say about my services is incredibly important to me. Read the testimonials below to get an idea of the experiences that past clients have had and get in touch with me today.


I was nervous at first, as I don’t really like talking about myself, but you put me at ease quickly and that helped me to open up.  What I found most useful was the way you got me to reinforce my goal. That really helped me focus on what is important and get past the obstacles that I had been putting in front of myself.

J.M. Portsmouth

About Your World Coaching

Hi, I'm Michelle, founder of Your World Coaching and my coaching practice is all about change.  

Some people don't like change.  Some people love it.  But there's no escaping it.  

Change is happening in every aspect of ours lives.

Every. Single. Day.

I am fascinated in people and how differently we all deal with change.

I used to lead teams delivering complicated IT Projects and you can't deliver complicated IT Projects without people or without changing stuff.  We were operating in a constantly changing environment, so it wasn't uncommon for me to be leading people going through an organisational change who were trying to deliver system and process changes to other people, who were also going through an organisational change at the same time as trying to understand how the new system and process changes would impact themand their jobs.

People are at the heart of change. It can be exciting, but it can also bring uncertainty. 

I made it my mission to learn everything I could about how people create change, how they deal with change and any strategies that would help them.

I grew into a go-to person when people needed help and have built on all this leadership experience with formal Coaching and NLP Practitioner qualifications to specialise in Professional Development Coaching.

Okay, but what's in it for me?

As an individual, coaching can help you achieve your career goals and overcome the obstacles that are stopping you reach your full potential.

As a team or business owner, I can help you create and fulfil your Company Mission, reduce the impact of change on your people and culture, encourage personal growth and development through coaching and leadership skills and promote a culture that is engaged with its employees and encourages them to thrive.

Book a free Fact-Finding call today to see how Professional Development Coaching can help you, your team or your business. 


"If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always had."


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Stop talking. Start doing.

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